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Bizzness ain’t dead! (No, bizzness ain’t dead!)
It’s only asleeping! (Only asleeping)
Dreaming someday! (Anda dreaming someday)
That a customer will come! (A customer will come).

The costomer ain’t dead! (The customer’s not dead)
He’s just only sleeping! (Sleeping anda sleeping)
Dreaming someday! (Anda dreaming someday)
That a paycheck’s gonna come! (That check’s bound t’ come).

My paycheck’s not dead! (My paycheck ain’t dead),
It’s only asleeping! (Only asleeping),
Dreaming anda dreaming! (Dreaming anda dreaming),
That the president’s gonna come! (He’s jist bound t’ come).

My presidents not dead; (My president ain’t dead),
He’s just only dreaming; (Just only dreaming),
Dreaming one day; (One sweety sweet day),
Mister Hoover shall come. (Hoover’s bound ta come).

Old Hoover’s not dead; (No, Hoover ain’t dead),
Not more than half sleeping; (More than half sleeping),
Dreaming some lovely day; (One lovely day),
That an atom war will come. (Atumbumb boundta come).

That atumbumb’s not dead; (Bubb, bumb’s not dead),
Not more than just dozing; (Not more’n half dozing),
Dreaming anda hoping; (Hoping anda dreaming),
That my new world’s gonna come. (New world boundta come).

My new world’s not dead; (My new world ain’t dead)
Not even aslumbering; (Not more ‘n half slumbering),
It’s a wigglin’ anda waitin’; (Wigglin’ anda waitin’),
For you’n me to come. (You an’ me’s bounda come).

You and me’s not both dead; (You’n me ain’t both dead),
We’re both jist pretendin’; (‘Bout half pertendin’),
We cain’t get born to live; (Born for to live),
Till them votin’ folks come; (Votin’ folks boundta come).

My voters ain’t dead; (Us voters not dead),
Not sleeping, not dreaming; (Not sleeping, notta dreamin’),
I’m ready to fight; (We’re all ready ta fight)
For my freedom day’s dawn. (That day’s bounta come). (Freedom Day’s boundta dawn).

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