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Bell, Crying, dead, Grief, Grieving, Jump, Jumping, Light, loss, Morning, Pain, Shine, Tribute, Troubles, Widow, Wife, Yonder
“Yonder comes Miss Rosie.”
“How in the world do you know?”
“Well, I know her by the apron
And the dress she wore.
A piece of paper in her hand,
Well, I’m gonna ask the captain
To turn a-loose of my man.”

Let the Midnight Special
Shine its light on me.
Let the Midnight Special
Shine its ever-lovin’ light on me.

When you get up in the morning,
When that big bell ring,
Go marching to the table,
You meet the same old thing.
Knife and fork are on the table,
Ain’t nothing in my pan;
Ever say anything about it,
Have a trouble with the man. (Chorus)

If you ever go to Houston,
Boy, you better walk right,
And you better not squabble,
And you better not fight.
Bason and Brock will arrest you,
Payson and Boone will take you down;
You can bet your bottom dollar
That you’re Sugarland bound. (Chorus)

Well, jumpin’ little Judy
She was a mighty fine girl,
Well, Judy brought jumpin’
To this whole round world.
Well, she brought it in the morning
Just a while ‘fore day,
When she brought me the news
That my wife was dead.

That started me to grievin’,
Whoopin’, hollerin’ and cryin’,
Then I began to worry
‘Bout my great long time. (Chorus)

(Pete Seeger’s tribute verse)
Old Huddie Ledbetter
He was a mighty fine man.
He taught us this song
And to the whole wide land.
But now he’s done with all his grieving,
His whoopin’, hollerin’ and cryin’.
Now he’s done with all his studyin’
About his great long time.


Recording Artist Genre Mood Arrangement Era iTunes
Lead Belly Blues Charming, Confrontational, Nostalgic Acoustic Guitar, Vocal 1930's Buy >
LEAD BELLY Blues Charming, Confrontational, Nostalgic, Romantic Acoustic Guitar, Vocal 1930's Buy >
ODETTA Singer/Songwriter Hopeful, Soulful Acoustic Guitar, Vocal 1960's Buy >
PETE SEEGER Singer/Songwriter Soulful, Uplifting Banjo, Vocal 1950's Buy >
THE SPENCER DAVIS GROUP Pop Confrontational, Hopeful Drums, Guitar, Vocal 1960's Buy >
THE WEAVERS Traditional Folk Confrontational, Uplifting Acoustic Guitar, Banjo, Group Sing, Live Performance, Vocal 1950's Buy >

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