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Bill, Love, Music, Piano, Quiet, Remember, Seasons, Spring, Time, Winter
Time remembered.
Remember spring as you walk past a frozen lake in winter.
Listen, the music calls you.
Let it take you away to glist’ning shores where dolphins play,
Back to your quiet mind where colors change in time.
Remembered lines
Lead to the love inside remembered time.

You feel the time inside you.
You’re looking down at your hands and the room fills up with angels.
Take them, show them the way
To magnificent skies and em’rald hills where giants play.
And though they’re going to cheer,
They really want to hear
Those quiet lines
That lead them back inside remembered time.

Time remembered.
Remember spring as you sleep through the iron days of winter.
How then could we repay you?
In your moment on earth, you taught us to believe in spring.
And when your heart went still,
What did you find there, Bill?
Play just one line.
Show us what lies beyond remembered time.


Recording Artist Genre Mood Arrangement Era iTunes
ALAN PASQUA Jazz Calm Instrumental, Piano 2010's Buy >
BILL EVANS Jazz Dramatic, Searching, Tuneful Bass, Drums, Piano 2010's Buy >
BILL EVANS TRIO Jazz Calm, Sophisticated Bass, Drums, Piano 1990's Buy >
BRYSON KERN Jazz Calm, Searching Drums, Guitar 2000's Buy >
CONTEMPO TRIO Jazz Calm, Mellow Piano 2000's Buy >
DICK HYMAN Jazz Romantic, Slow, Soft Instrumental, Piano 2000's Buy >
GREG REITAN Jazz Dreamy, Slow Bass, Drums, Piano 2000's Buy >
JOHN MCLAUGHLIN Jazz Bittersweet, Intimate, Thoughtful Guitar, Instrumental 1990's Buy >
LIZZIE BALL Jazz Dramatic, Melancholy, Suspenseful Bass, Drums, Piano, Strings 2000's Buy >
OREGON Jazz Bright, Searching Drums, Piano, Saxophone 2000's Buy >
PAUL MCKEE Jazz Sophisticated, Thoughtful Drums, Guitar, Piano 2000's Buy >
RON THOMAS Jazz Dramatic, Melancholy, Slow Piano 2010's Buy >
SCOTT LAFARO Jazz Confident, Optimistic Bass, Piano 2000's Buy >
THE PENGUIN JAZZ QUARTET Jazz Melancholy, Slow, Soft Bass, Drums, Guitar, Piano 1990's Buy >

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