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Black, Burn, Burning, dark, Darkness, Death, Evil, Fight, Fire, God, Metal, Poor, Satan, War
Gen’rals gathered in their masses,
Just like witches at black masses.
Evil minds that plot destruction,
Sorcerers of death’s construction.

In the fields are bodies burning,
As the war machine keeps turning.
Death and hatred to mankind,
Poisoning their brainwashed minds.

Politicians hide themselves away,
They only started the war.
Why should they go out to fight,
They leave that all to the poor.

Time will tell on their power minds,
Making war just for fun.
Treating people just like pawns in chess,
Wait ‘til their judgment day comes.

Now in darkness world stops turning,
Ashes where the bodies burning.
No more war pigs have the power,
And as God has struck the hour.

Day of judgement, God is calling.
On their knees the war pigs crawling,
Begging mercies for their sins.
Satan laughing spreads his wings.


Recording Artist Genre Mood Arrangement Era iTunes
ALEX SKOLNICK TRIO Jazz Laid-Back Instrumental 2000's Buy >
ALICE DONUT Punk Eccentric, Theatrical Trumpet 1990's Buy >
BLACK SABBATH Rock Aggressive, Angry Guitar, Rock Band, Vocal 1970's Buy >
BONERAMA Rock Animated, Rocking Guitar, Live, Trumpet 2000's Buy >
Cake Alternative Energetic, Rebellious Guitar, Live, Vocal 2000's Buy >
CANCER BATS Angry, Energetic, Nocturnal, Rocking Guitar, Rock Band, Vocal 2010's Buy >
CAVE Rock Rocking Guitar, Vocal 2000's Buy >
CORY WONG QUARTET Jazz, Tribute Atmospheric, Energetic Jazz Quartet 2000's Buy >
FAITH NO MORE Alternative Angry, Militant, Rocking Guitar, Vocal 1980's Buy >
FIONN O LOCHLAINN Alternative Exotic, Introspective, Thoughtful Vocal 2000's Buy >
FREYA Rock Angry, Rocking, Screaming Guitar, Vocal 2000's Buy >
GOV'T MULE Rock Angry, Rocking Guitar, Live Performance 1990's Buy >
HAYSEED DIXIE Country Energetic, Political Guitar, Vocal 2000's Buy >
MICHAEL SCHENKER Rock Angry, Rocking Guitar, Vocal 2000's Buy >
OZZY OSBOURNE Rock Energetic Guitar, Live, Vocal 2000's Buy >
PIG Alternative Dramatic, Spooky Electronic 2000's Buy >
SACRED REICH Rock Angry, Energetic, Rocking Guitar, Vocal 2000's Buy >
TESLA Rock Angry, Rocking Guitar, Vocal 2000's Buy >
THE MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP Rock Aggressive, Angry Guitar, Vocal 2000's Buy >
VITAL REMAINS Metal Angry, Screaming Guitar, Vocal 2000's Buy >

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