The 37th Annual Alec Wilder Concert

November 01, 2022


The Friends of Alec Wilder presents the 37th Annual Alec Wilder Concert, this Friday, November 4, 2022, at The Church of the Blessed Sacrament 152 West 71st Street New York, NY!

It is the intention of the Friends of Alec Wilder to bring greater awareness and to preserve the life’s work of this unique and fascinating American composer. As Wilder was often misunderstood, ignored, and labeled a maverick, his music does not easily fit into any one category. Yet, he is truly an American original deserving wider recognition. For many reasons, including a self-professed lack of confidence, Wilder resisted notoriety and acclaim preferring simply to live life his way and to compose primarily for friends. Look for this week's #TROTuesday to learn more about the prolific American composer.

Join the Friends of Alec Wilder (FOAW) at their 37th Annual Alec Wilder Concert this Friday, and receive an Alec Wilder pocket songbook, donated by TRO Essex Music Group! For additional information visit:, and check out some of Wilder's most memorable work here: