TRO's New Album is OUT NOW

May 17, 2024

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TRO's newest album "Evergreens Reimagined Volume II," is now available on all streaming platforms! "Evergreens Reimagined Volume II", features ten classic works from our catalog, featuring songs by some of our top writers including David Bowie, Kurt Weill, Hugh Martin, Ed McCurdy, and more!

TRO along with indie-folk artist Will Bentley, R&B and pop songstress Ashley Sage, soulful singer/songwriter Gianna Alessi, R&B artist Kenji, and the talented producer, singer, and multi-instrumentalist Grant Rossi, bring new life to classic songs from our catalog including "Space Oddity", "Feeling Good", "September Song", and more! Look for it on your favorite streaming platform or click the link below to stream!