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Almond Eyed, Children, Christ, Color, God, Him, Holiday, Holy, Jesus, Night, Religion, See, White
Some children see Him lily white,
The baby Jesus born this night.
Some children see Him lily white,
With tresses soft and fair.

Some children see Him bronzed and brown,
The Lord of heav’n to earth come down.
Some children see Him bronzed and brown,
With dark and heavy hair.

Some children see Him almond-eyed,
This Savior who we kneel beside.
Some children see Him almond-eyed,
With skin of yellow hue.

Some children see Him dark as they,
Sweet Mary’s Son to whom we pray.
Some children see Him dark as they,
And, ah! They love Him, too!

The children in each different place
Will see the baby Jesus’ face
Like theirs, but bright with heavenly grace,
And filled with holy light.

O lay aside each earthly thing
And with thy heart as offering,
Come worship now the infant King.
‘Tis love that’s born tonight!


Recording Artist Genre Mood Arrangement Era iTunes
AL JARREAU Christmas: Religious, Holiday, Jazz Insightful, Inspirational Piano, Saxophone, Vocal 2000's Buy >
AMY STROUP Christmas: Religious, Contemporary R&B, Holiday, Pop Inspirational, Peaceful, Tender, Uplifting Modern, Piano, Vocal 2000's Buy >
ANDY WILLIAMS Holiday Calm, Inspirational, Peaceful, Warm Orchestra, Strings, Vocal 1960's Buy >
BALL IN THE HOUSE Holiday, R&B/Soul Inspirational, Melodic, heartfelt Acapella, Group Sing, Vocal 2000's Buy >
Brian Culbertson Holiday Calm, Peaceful, Soft, Thoughtful Piano, Vocal 2000's Buy >
BRONN JOURNEY Holiday Inspirational, Intimate, Introspective, Sacred, Sentimental Harp, Instrumental 1990's Buy >
CHRISTINE HITT Holiday Smooth Piano, Vocal 2000's Buy >
CONNIE EVINGSON Holiday Inspirational, Sentimental Piano, Vocal 2000's Buy >
DAVE GRUSIN Holiday Graceful, Inspirational, Intimate, Peaceful, Sentimental, Serene, Soft, Tender Instrumental, Piano 1990's Buy >
DEBBY BOONE Holiday Inspirational Strings, Vocal 2000's Buy >
DON MOEN Christmas: Religious, Holiday Inspirational Piano, Strings, Vocal 2010's Buy >
DOUG HAMMER Holiday Calm, Peaceful, Soft Piano 2000's Buy >
EVIE Christmas: Religious, Holiday Inspirational, Peaceful, Sentimental Piano, Vocal 1970's Buy >
GEORGE WINSTON Holiday Inspirational Instrumental, Piano 1980's Buy >
JAMES TAYLOR Holiday Calm, Inspirational, Intimate, Magical, Peaceful Piano, Strings, Vocal 2000's Buy >
JEAN WATSON Holiday Insightful, Inspirational, sincere Strings, Vocal 2000's Buy >
JOHN ERICKSON Holiday Calm, Inspirational, Light, Sentimental, heartfelt Instrumental, Piano 2000's Buy >
KURT BESTOR Holiday Calm, Inspirational, Peaceful, Sentimental, Soft, Tender, heartfelt Instrumental, Piano, Strings 1990's Buy >
LAINI RISTO Holiday Inspirational Piano, Strings, Vocal 2000's Buy >
LIANE CARROLL Holiday Dreamy, Insightful, Inspirational, Intimate, Sentimental, heartfelt Piano, Strings, Vocal 2010's Buy >
MANNHEIM STEAMROLLER Holiday Calm, Warm Instrumental 2000's Buy >
MARK BISHOP Holiday Inspirational Piano, Strings, Vocal 2000's Buy >
MASTERS OF HARMONY Holiday Inspirational Acapella, Choir, Vocal 2000's Buy >
MUSIC THEMES PLAYERS Holiday Inspirational Instrumental 2010's Buy >

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